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Art and Morgan are great mechanics and also great guys, who really value their customers business, and mostly care about their customers vehicles. They went beyond the call of duty for me by spending several days carefully checking out everything they needed to check out to find an intermittent problem that a gauge in my car was detecting, and since I have picked up my car, the problem has happened at all. Before I brought my car to their shop for the first time, I had spoken to Art on two occasions and he was so professional and answered all of my questions, he really knew what he was talking about. I would highly recommend these mechanics to anyone.

by Andrew G. on All American Auto

I highly recommend this business for anyone not wanting to spend an arm and a leg going to the dealer. The owner worked at the Ford dealership for many years before opening his own service center. I used to have my Mustang serviced at that dealership and dealt with him personally every time. He is a very stand-up guy. He does not over-charge you like most mechanics.

by Ed R. on All American Auto

If you have a Ford, do yourself a great favor and bring it here instead of Sunrise Ford Dealership on North Hollywood. - EYES CLOSED -I have a Ford Focus and used to take it to the Ford Sunrise all the time since I didn't know about this place. While in the Sunrise Ford, they will rip you off and never actually fix the problem in the long term , here they will fix it and FAST.Art was very friendly, professional and knows about cars. I was expecting my car to take 2-5 days at least (I was used to the bad service at Sunrise Ford) , but Art was able to fix the problem the same day. He gave me a reasonable and affordable estimate, plus all the recommendations I should keep in mind for the future.Totally recommend this place. Great place!

by Kenneth M. on All American Auto

Awesome service. I brought my car to them because they're a second party to Carmax. My clutch bearing went out in my Jeep. Art tried working with my warranty company to get it covered. When the company wouldn't honor the warranty, he told me other ways to try and get it covered. With his help, they were able to fix my clutch for a fraction of the price. The service was great, and the staff was very personable. To be honest, I'm just going to take my car to Art and have them repair it as oppose to Carmax. Since he's a second party, he can contact them with my warranty. Carmax service dept is too crowded, and you have to wait at least a week for an appt. With Art, I can get in and out.

I was looking for a shop that could do some aftermarket parts installation for my 2010 Mustang GT and came across IFLS during my research. They weren't the first, but ended up being the last -- and as it happens, the best. And it had nothing to do with the fair price that Art quoted me via email after I contacted him to see if his shop could do the work. What it was, was Art's enthusiasm about the project.There was a genuine interest about the job that I needed done, and to be honest, he could've charged me more and I still would've brought my car to IFLS. After finalizing the date, I brought my car in on a Saturday, after dropping off some of the parts the day before. When I got there that weekend, I met Art and Morgan in person and they could not have been two cooler dudes.We talked a bit about the job, as well as the parts, and that was that. Job was scheduled for 5 hours, but it clocked in at less than that. Art even called me a couple hours in as one of my new wheels had a gash and he wanted to let me know ahead of time. He didn't even want to mount it until I saw it, but I gave him the okay over the phone, and with that, no muss, no fuss.I showed up a while later and the car was sitting in the driveway as pretty as could be. I spoke with tech-man Morgan who explained some of the issues the popped up during the install, and rather than stop the job, he did his own research online and got it done. Most places would've quit the job cold when dealing with bolt-on stuff if problems arise, but these guys didn't.I could not be any more pleased with the work they did for me at IFLS. Art stuck to his quoted price, even with the installation speed bumps that Morgan ran into, and the job was completed on time. What more could you want in a shop? I have no problem whatsoever with giving Art and Morgan all of my business in the future.

by Cristina S. on All American Auto

The absolute best car service spot in Los Angeles. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service here. I went in for an oil change and it took them less than 30 minutes to complete, along with a tire rotation, inspection, etc. The customer service is one of a kind and you can trust the work they do.It's tough to find a place where you can trust that your car is in good hands. This is it. Fast, efficient, great prices, and quality. Thank you Art!

I'm so glad I went here.I was going on a trip and wanted to get my care checked out before I go. Definitely don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere!Let me start by saying, I dread having work done on my car! I hate it! I know absolutely nothing about cars and joke that a mechanic could probably trick me into thinking I was low on blinker fluid.... (haha)So of course I check yelp so see which Ford place will screw me the least.... then I stumbled across Independent Ford. Great reviews! I thought why not give this place a try, and I'm glad I did. These guys were so nice and helpful. They talked me through everything and told me what I should get done right away and what can wait. They are real trustworthy guys.Plus they had me in and out of there in no time! I thought I was going to be there all day... I worked all night before and was so tired, but before I knew it they were done!Plus their waiting area is very comfortable.If you need to get your car checked out or worked on, I would definitely recommend these guys. No wonder they have such good reviews.

by Brian B. on All American Auto

We had our 07 Veracruz break down, and were recommended to call Art by our dealership.Brought the car in Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday all the repairs were complete and we had the car back. Art and Morgan really stepped up to help us out when we really needed it.I cannot recommend them highly enough, and I will definitely go back for all my maintenance and service needs.

by Seto A. on All American Auto

Thorough and detailed work...not car specific so every make welcome!!drift car friendly!!!

by Henry E. on All American Auto

Brought in my 03 Excursion diesel for a last minute check up as I was heading to the mountains for the New Years holiday and needed to make sure it would get my family and I up and back safely. Aside from a top down inspection, Art & Morgan recommended a couple of services (brake fluid flush & fuel filter replacement), which I took heed and had done at a very very reasonable price. They were also able to point out a couple of niggles that didn't represent an immediate safety/reliability issue, but that should kept in mind for the future.All in all, an extremely positive experience and I wouldn't hesitate to take my truck back to them or recommend them to anyone that needs service (Ford or otherwise)!

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